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SavvyAdvisor is a blog style publication to help with financial advice in a few verticals like insurance, credit cards, mortgages, loans and all closely related topics.

The website aims to provide insights and tips & tricks for the non financial savvy people, helping them to manage their finances more effectively and offering exclusive deals for insurance, credit-cards or mortages providers.

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First and foremost, the main USP is the content written by financial experts and updated on a daily basis.

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Article layouts are set in clean and responsive experience. 
Crosslinking and article recommandation are the main sources to help people continue their research and financial educatoin.

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Partnering with different providers allowed the website to come up with a set of reviews & specific tools to help people navigate through the large amount of financial decision - e.g. top reviews, loan & mortgage calculators, credit cards comparison pages.

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