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AdSavvy is a personalized retargeting platform specifically aimed at the Lead Generation market.

Using the platform's retargeting capabilities, lead generators are able to bring back and convert abandoned users in their funnel.

AdSavvy is integrated with AppNexus and the Facebook Marketing API.

The target audience is mainly online marketers & media-buyers, and generally people with online marketing knowhow.

Lead Product Designer
UI/UX Design
Marketing & Sales Materials
Project Date

Early Stages

After having outline the initial sketches of the future service we've started working on a MVP to be able to validate the need and direction for the product.

After on-boarding the first set of customers we've started the actual development and fine-tuning of the app in weekly agile sprints.

Initial sketches
MVP Design


During the account signup there's a very quick on-boarding/setup process to get the user up & running.

A Javascript-tag is being generated and needs to be added to the pages which require tracking. Once that's online, the user can set up an organization, add other people and create the first campaign.

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Campaign Setup

It's a fairly straightforward process - we opted for displaying it as a full-screen stepped process where we could remove all the distractions (e.g. sidebar navigation) and allow the person creating the campaign to focus on the tasks at hand.

Segments, Goals, Pixels

A big part of the development was spent on creating the Segment, Goals & Conversion Pixels pages. Based and these segments and goals, there's a logic for tailoring HTML ads dynamically.


Since analytics are a crucial component to any marketing campaign there a dedicated views to show everything from a high-level overview to a more granular insight of the campaign performance.

Part of the analytics screens

Account & Self-service

For the lower pricing tiers (sub-enterprise) businesses have the option to self managed their accounts - from user management to billing


Some components designs


Alongside side the service itself we've worked on a variety of marketing materials - from the website, to promo emails, to sales decks, one-pagers all the way to having a booth at the 2015 LeadsCon Las Vegas show.

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